10 Absolute best Valorant Off Angles on Ascent You Will have to Know About

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Up your Valorant game by learning the best Valorant off angles on Ascent

To elevate your skills in Valorant to the highest level, mastering advanced mechanics such as angle clearing, counter strafing, and off-angles is crucial. While each mechanic holds importance, our focus in this article will be on off-angles and why they are essential for tactical gameplay. Additionally, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on the top 10 Valorant off-angles on Ascent, showcasing their strategic value and how they can greatly impact your performance in the game.

Why are Off Angles Important?

Have you ever got shot from a position you never expected? It is because you faced an opponent playing off-angles. Positioning yourself at off-angles is a tactic that will give both the new and the veteran players a huge advantage.

Off-angles are the angles that usually go uncleared. It is meant to disrupt your opponent’s crosshair placement and give you the advantage of surprise while they try to adjust their aim.

Valorant Off Angles on Ascent

Credit: Riot Games

Learning about the off-angles will 100% elevate your gameplay. Playing these unconventional spots is strong for a number of reasons. Aside from the apparent benefit of catching your enemy off guard, it helps evade damage from enemy utilities, as your opponent will typically target more predictable spots. Despite potential drawbacks, such as compromised positional safety, the strategic advantages far outweigh any concerns.

Defense Side Valorant Off Angles on Ascent

The following are the best Valorant off angles on Ascent for the defending side:

This is a highly effective off-angle to contest control over the Mid area of Ascent. In Ascent, the Mid area holds immense significance, as executing fast plays on the sites repeatedly will prove futile against a well-organized team.

link cubby

This spot on top of the box at the corner of the Mid-lobby gives the defending player a vision of anyone trying to enter the Bottom Mid or walk up to the Tree area from the Catwalk. Opponents, coming in from the Catwalk, usually clear the cubby hard right. So playing in an elevated position will help you catch them off guard. Same goes  the opponent in the Bottom Mid. If you are not smoked off, you can easily eliminate the opponent trying to get into the Arch.

Another off angle in the mid area that is great to hold and repel any Mid aggression by the enemy team. Position at the corner of the Pizza area and keep your crosshair ready at headshot level.


To maximize the impact of this off-angle, it is advisable to have a teammate play alongside you in the Market area, enhancing the chances of successfully shutting down enemy rushes. However, if the opponent opts for a more default approach, holding this angle alone will result in the elimination of anyone lurking their way up mid.

The Ascent Tree area often gets abused by the attacking side. It serves as a key route for executing split rushes into the A site or rotating from B towards A. In both scenarios, opponents prioritize taking control of the Catwalk before maneuvering through the Tree toward the A bomb site.


Playing from this spot, you should be able to get a free kill. However, only play this spot if you see the opposing team has used all its smokes elsewhere. Otherwise, positioning yourself here becomes ineffective as you are likely to be smoked off. In higher ranks, opponents are less inclined to push through smokes, rendering this angle fruitless.

A risky position no doubt, but if you can pull it off, the reward will be worth the gamble. There are two ways to play this angle. The first approach involves deploying a smoke at A-main and then patiently holding the push, leveraging the element of surprise to catch opponents off guard. The second tactic involves adopting a more aggressive stance, actively engaging the enemy head-on at A-main.


We recommend opting for the latter approach, as it is highly improbable that the opposing team will dry peek out of the smoke. If they utilize a flash, playing from there, you are as good as dead. On the contrary, while engaging in a fight without the smoke has its own risks, you will surely get one kill. Although, if you choose to play from this spot with an agent lacking escape-ability, the chances of getting instantly traded increase significantly.

This angle allows you to hold the A-site door push. Considering how risky holding this angle is, the usage of this one is very situational.


You must be aware of the enemy’s presence in the A-main. If the opposing team coming from the A main gets to the back-site first, there is no way for you to survive. Hence, only play this angle when you know the enemies are first approaching the site from the Tree area. However, you will be traded in most scenarios since there’s no way to escape.

This angle is quite similar to the Generator one but better. It is less risky and easier to pull off. Unlike the Generator spot, playing from here will make you much harder to hit, as only your head will be visible to the enemy. Moreover, if you manage to hit your shot, you can get down to the safety of the boxes in-site almost instantly, thus keeping the man-advantage in your team’s favor.

heaven 2 1

Hitting your shot from this angle is also much easier. It is one of those perfect headshot angles. At the start of the round, position yourself there. Crouch and ADS the gun to further enhance your chances of nailing the shot. However, crouching will come at the expense of your mobility, so assess the situation accordingly. 

Attack Side Valorant Off Angles on Ascent

The following are the best Valorant off angles on Ascent for the attacking side:

To shut off any aggression from the A site defenders, this particular angle proves immensely valuable. However, it requires agents with movement abilities, making it unsuitable for most of the roster.


Oftentimes, the defending side takes the A-main control at the start of the round with utilities such as flashes, one-ways, etc. To effectively counter it, playing this angle can be a huge help. You can hold this angle with either an Op or a rifle. It is almost a guaranteed kill without you getting traded off due to how unconventional this angle is.

Holding this angle as an attacker is very rare, but it can win you the round once the opportunity arrives. Lurking in the Ascent mid-area is very common. By doing so, you gain valuable intel on enemy movements and rotations, enabling you to influence your team’s decision on which site to attack.


If you can lurk all the way up to the enemy spawn, position yourself here for some easy kills. You can catch the opponent team rotating from the Spawn completely off-guard, securing the round in your favor. However, since you are open from 2 different sides, it is best to avoid this angle in a 5v5 situation. You should only try it late rounds when you know the whereabouts of the remaining agents of the opposing team.

The bottom mid area serves as a popular spot for CT-side OPers, given the frequency of attackers peeking from the top mid. Hence, dry peeking from the Top Mid often results in you or your teammate getting killed.

Valorant Screenshot 2023.07.16

One way to counter it is to smoke the Bottom Mid off or use a Sova recon/drone. However, if you want to take the fight to your enemy, peeking from this off-angle is the way to go. Sure, there are still risks involved, but peeking from the top of the box will significantly increase your chances of getting the kill.

This is one of the few off angles you can hold to defend the spike in a post-plant situation. The Ascent B bombsite is one the hardest sites to play post-plant on. If the opponent properly executes the retake, it becomes incredibly challenging to hold them off.

triple box

Hence, you need to play in certain spots where you are least expected. The triple radianite box is one of those spots. From this position, you have the option to hold either the first or second lane, allowing your teammate in the boathouse to play off of your contact. 

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