All North American Tournaments in 2023 VCT OFF//SEASON

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Seven VCT OFF//SEASON tournaments will feature your favorite North American teams after Champions 2023

Riot Games has announced the tournaments for VCT OFF//SEASON, which is a period between official VCT events where third-party organizers can hold their own exciting competitions. According to the official website for Valorant E-sports, more than 40 events will take place worldwide during the OFF//SEASON, and seven of them are expected to be held in North America. Let’s have a look at these upcoming Valorant tournaments that will entertain us for the rest of 2023 –

Neon Dream Women’s VALORANT Invitational – Presented by Army National Guard

Tournament Type: Online

Schedule: September 6 – September 10

Prize Pool: $10,000

Presented by Army National Guard and organized by NRG, Neon Dream Women’s VALORANT Invitational will feature 8 teams – 6 from Game Changers and 2 from an Open Qualifier. The Open Qualifier will take place on September 6, and the main event will kick off on September 8. 

How to Watch Neon Dream Women’s VALORANT Invitational

Spike Drop: Vegas Heist

Tournament Type: LAN

Schedule: October 27 – October 29 

Prize Pool: $10,000

This event will welcome any team, and we might see some collegiate rosters alongside professional players, as any group can participate with a $500 pass. Up to 32 teams can join in the fight at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas. The tournament will follow a GSL and a unique Agent Drafting format where a team cannot pick the same Agent selected by their opposition. 

How to Watch Spike Drop: Vegas Heist

For Those Who Dare – Presented by ASUS ROG

Tournament Type: Online & LAN

Schedule: September 30 – November 4th 

Prize Pool: $15,000

Presented by ASUS ROG and hosted by SoaR Gaming, this event will hold its Open Qualifier stages in September and October on online servers. The LAN Finals will take place at ASUS ROG headquarters in California. Each Open Qualifier of this tournament will have eight teams fighting in a double-elimination bracket. The top four teams from the second qualifier will move to the LAN Finals, and we may see our favorite Tier 1, Tier 2 and Gamer Changers teams fighting for the $15,000 prize pool.

How to Watch For Those Who Dare


The Knight’s Forge

Tournament Type: LAN

Schedule: September 21 – September 24

Prize Pool: $15,000

Knights Arena produced this year’s Challengers League for North American teams online, and now they are aiming for a LAN tournament that will take place in Pittsburgh that will feature 32 teams in the region. The Knight’s Forge will allow the competitors to enter with a team pass and will feature a Group Stage in GSL format and Playoffs. 

How to Watch The Knight’s Forge

The Cozy Clash – Presented by Lenovo Legion

Tournament Type: Online & LAN

Schedule: November 6 – December 7

Prize Pool: $40,000

Complexity Gaming will host the Cozy Clash as their third Valorant event, and it will feature a LAN Final in Frisco, Texas. This tournament will have some of the best Game Changers teams in the region fighting in two online Open Qualifiers before the LAN takes place. 

How to Watch The Cozy Clash

The OFF//SEASON Showdown presented by Sean Gares

Tournament Type: Online 

Schedule: November 10 – November 12

Prize Pool: $15,000

Sean Gares, one of North America’s well-respected analysts and coaches, will hold this exciting event with a 128-team bracket. The best 6 teams from the Open Qualifier will get a chance to fight competitors from VCT, Challengers and Game Changers for a chance to win the prize pool and cement their name as future North American pros. 

How to Watch The OFF//SEASON Showdown

North American Tournaments 2023 VCT OFF//SEASON

Credit: Riot Games

Right as Champions 2023 concludes, we will be able to enjoy a series of OFF//SEASON tournaments in North America from September. One of the more exciting things about this year’s OFF//SEASON is the number of LAN events that will allow Valorant fans to witness the best regional players on big stages. To stay up to date on these Valorant tournaments, keep an eye on ESTNN.


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