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The Berserk Hammer of the Ancients build, which players can utilize after finishing the main story in Diablo 4, is one of the Diablo 4 best Barbarian endgame builds in the game. We will discuss each choice in great length in its own post because there are so many to choose from and the best one will depend on your playing style. Due to this, we will explore the Berserk Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian build after examining the Shout Hammer of the Ancients build.

Diablo 4 Berserk Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian build

With a high uptime for Berserk and Vulnerable, this Berserk Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian build strikes with devastating force. The Paragon setup, along with the best-in-slot characteristics and numbers on gear, are discussed in this article.

It should be obvious at this point that one of the most crucial aspects of character development is putting an emphasis on abilities. It’s critical to carefully select the talents that work best with the build you want to craft in Diablo 4 because there are a wide variety of skills that may be used to improve a class. The following talents are recommended for use with the Diablo 4 Berserk Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian build:

  • Frenzy Level 1
  • Enhanced Frenzy
  • Battle Frenzy
  • Hammer of the Ancients Level 5
  • Enhanced Hammer of the Ancients
  • Furious Hammer of the Ancients
  • Rallying Cry Level 1
  • Enhanced Rallying Cry
  • Strategic Rallying Cry
  • Leap Level 1
  • Enhanced Leap
  • Power Leap
  • Swiftness Level 3
  • Death Blow Level 1
  • Enhanced Death Blow
  • Warrior’s Death Blow
  • Pit Fighter Level 3
  • No Mercy Level 3
  • Expose Vulnerability Level 3
  • Hamstring Level 1
  • Thick Skin Level 1
  • Counteroffensive Level 3
  • Wrath of the Berserker
  • Prime Wrath of the Berserker
  • Supreme Wrath of the Berserker
  • Tempered Fury Level 1
  • Furious Impulse Level 3
  • Heavy Handed Level 3
  • Wallop Level 3
  • Unbridled Rage
  • Aggressive Resistance Level 1
  • Prolific Fury Level 3
  • Concussion Level 3
  • Defensive Stance Level 1

diablo 4 barbarian skills

After your character reaches level 50, you can use the Paragon advancement system, which grants you access to a multitude of talents for the Berserk Hammer of the Ancients construct. It is encouraged to give Normal and Magic Nodes priority over other nodes when considering stats like Damage, Intelligence, Resistance, and Life. The area of influence of Ghyphs grows as you level up. As a result, we do not advise allocating more nodes if you are unable to achieve the requirements. On the other hand, if you don’t have the required Glyph, you can use any other Glyph while you wait to get it.

Rare glyphs are currently the greatest at using the Paragon system because of their incredible scaling capabilities. As many Glyph Sockets as we can access are what we’re aiming for. When the other factors are taken into account, this results in the majority of ideal setups having a total of six or seven Glyph Sockets accessible for Rare Glyphs. Rare Nodes and the Magic Nodes that surround them frequently have enough strength to warrant a two to three points detour via inferior Nodes.

Rarely is the poor effectiveness of the legendary nodes enough to justify the enormous number of points needed to obtain them. This guide only recommends one legendary node, which is Warbringer. As you progress through the various Paragon Boards, you should spend the fewest Paragon Points possible on Normal Nodes. Not all Paragon Boards are made alike; some have shapes that are more difficult to optimize, while others include a lot of Nodes that aren’t necessary beneficial for a range of designs.

We advise using the exact Rare Glyphs listed below for each of the relevant boards:

  • Starting Board: Mortal Draw
  • Decimator Board: Might
  • Warbringer Technique Board: Wrath
  • Flawless Board: Bloodfeeder
  • Bone Breaker Board: Exploit

diablo 4 barbarian paragon board

For what concerns playstyles and game mechanics, managing resources is necessary for the Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian build. Enhanced Frenzy, Rallying Cry, Power Leap, Furious Impulse, and Prolific Fury are just a few of the skills that can produce Fury. When complete, use Hammer of the Ancients to unleash a massive amount of damage while keeping your fury level high for the most DPS.

Hammer of the Ancients receives 62% more overall damage from Unbridled Rage than from Walking Arsenal at a cost of twice as much Fury. It is possible to avoid this punishment by managing Fury properly through skills, gear, and paragon. When facing difficult bosses and elites, Berserk and Unstoppable can activate Wrath of the Berserker. To activate damage boosts against Slowed and Crowd Controlled, Hamstring applies Slow to opponents who are under the effects of Bleeding. Also, we just need one source of Bleed, which is an Aspect of Berserk Ripping.

Along with making foes vulnerable with Expose Vulnerability and Hammer of the Ancients, Berserking is acquired through the usage of Death Blow. The Weapon Master’s Aspect provides two charges, which can be spread out for more uptime in the event that an adversary cannot be destroyed to end the cooldown. Fortify is acquired by Strategic Rallying Cry and Thick Skin, which improves survivability. With Fortified, Defensive Stance and Gear both provide additional Damage Reduction. The Damage While Fortified and Counteroffensive stats of Fortify also boost damage.

When farming with a Barbarian who uses the Diablo 4 Berserk Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian build, be sure to collect any uncommon item drops that could contain upgrades. To extract the desirable characteristics from legendary items in the future and imprint them on properly rolled uncommon items, it is advisable to save the characteristics from legendary items. Due to their greater damage per hit and implicit critical strike damage, swords are preferred over daggers when comparing similar item level weapons. The following stats should be given top importance when choosing clothing for the Berserk Hammer of the Ancients build:

  • Weapons
    • + DPS value, Critical Strike Damage, and Vulnerable Damage
  • Helm
    • + Maximum Fury
    • + Basic Skill Attack Speed
  • Chest
    • + Damage Reduction from Enemies That Are Bleeding, DR while Fortified
    • + Damage Reduction, DR from Close or Distant Enemies
  • Gloves
    • + Ranks of Hammer of the Ancients
    • + Critical Strike Chance and Attack Speed
  • Pants
    • + Ranks of Hammer of the Ancients
    • + Critical Strike Chance and Attack Speed
  • Boots
    • + Fury Cost Reduction
    • + Movement Speed
    • + Strength
    • + Berserking Duration
  • Amulet
    • + Fury Cost Reduction
    • + Ranks of No Mercy, Slaying Strike, Counteroffensive, Wallop, and Heavy Handed Passives
    • + Movement Speed
  • Rings
    • + Critical Strike Chance and Damage, and Vulnerable Damage
    • + Maximum Fury

diablo 4 barbarian

For your Berserk Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian build to be successful in Diablo 4, legendary aspects must be taken into account. We’ve made the decision to compile a list of all the Aspects you’ll need to use in order for your Berserk Hammer of the Ancients build to function properly. Below is a list of every item:

  • Two-Handed Bludgeoning Weapon
    • Edgemaster’s Aspect (Skills deal up to 10–20% increased damage based on your available Primary Resource when cast, receiving the maximum benefit while you have full Primary Resource)
    • Aspect of Ancestral Force (Hammer of the Ancients quakes outwards, dealing damage to enemies)
  • Dual-Wielded Weapons, Gloves, or Rings
    • Aspect of Limitless Rage (Each point of Fury you generate while at Maximum Fury grants your next Core Skill increased damage)
    • Aspect of Berserk Ripping (Whenever you deal direct damage while berserking, inflict base damage dealt as additional Bleeding Damage over 5 seconds)
    • Accelerating Aspect (Critical Strikes with Core Skills increase your Attack Speed for 5 seconds
    • Aspect of the Expectant (Attacking enemies with a Basic Skill increases the damage of your next Core Skill cast by 5–10%, up to 30%)
    • Rapid Aspect (Basic skills gain Attack Speed)
    • Aspect of Retribution (Distant enemies have a 8% chance to be Stunned for 2 seconds when they hit you. You deal 10-20% increased damage to Stunned enemies)
  • Pants, Helm, or Chest
    • Aspect of Disobedience (You gain 0.25–0.50% increased Armor for 4 seconds when you deal any form of damage, stacking up to 15–30%)
    • Aspect of Might (Basic Skills grant 20% Damage Reduction)
  • Boots, Helm, or Chest
    • Aspect of Anemia (Direct damage against bleeding enemies has a chance to Stun them for 2 seconds)
    • Weapon Master’s Aspect (Your Weapon Mastery Skills have an additional Charge. Damaging an enemy with a Weapon Mastery Skill has up to a 37-55% chance to Stun them for 2 seconds)

As we come to a close, several gem, elixir, and potion recommendations will be provided for the Berserk Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian build. To manufacture potions and elixirs that are more effective and long-lasting, we suggest you to go to the alchemist frequently. It is strongly advised that you drink Weak Assault, Precision, and any other elixirs that boost your stats and provide you extra experience points for 30 minutes. But we encourage you to rely on the following gems for your Barbarian:

  • Weapon: Royal Sapphire for Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
  • Armor: Royal Sapphire for Damage Reduction While Fortified
  • Jewelry: Royal Skull for Armor

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