Brandon Sanderson is Getting a Deckbuilding Sport in 2024

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Cover art for Brandon Sanderson's Words of Radiance.

Image: Michael Whelan/Tor Books

Since 2005’s Elantris, Brandon Sanderson has gradually risen in prominence as one of the biggest (and busiest) fantasy authors working today. And like other authors of similar status, Sanderson’s reach is gradually expanding outside of books over to other industries such as games. Though he’s stepped into the video game space with a VR game based on his Stormlight Archive series and helping to create the universe for last year’s Moonbreaker, the author has his eyes set mainly in the tabletop space.

According to Dicebreaker, Sanderson’s work is being adapted into an upcoming deckbuilding game. The title is in production over at Brotherwise Games, best known for the likes of Boss Monster and Call to Adventure. At time of writing, it’s unclear on which book series is being adapted, such as Elantris or Mistborn. Similarly, it’s not known who’s leading the charge on this game—Brotherwise president Johnny O’Neal simply told Dicebreaker it was being created by “a well-known designer.”

Brotherwise is also currently at work on a tabletop RPG based on Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive novels, which itself comes after the developer created a themed expansion for Call to Adventure. The TTRPG is set to hit next year, joined by the Horneater novella and that November’s Knights of Wind & Truth, the next mainline book in the series. The unnamed deckbuilder is also meant to release sometime next year as well, presumably before the release of Knights. Miniatures based on the franchise are also being developed by Brotherwise and reportedly gearing up for a release in, you guessed it—2024.

io9 has reached out to Brotherwise for more information on the Sanderson deckbuilder, and will update when a response is given.

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