CS2 Newest Beta Take a look at Replace Provides Italy, Reshapes Smoke

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The latest CS2 Limited Beta Test update has introduced Italy to certain modes and changed the smoke shape, alongside other changes 

A fresh update for Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test has been released by Valve, which includes the removal of Anubis and Ancient maps while adding Italy to both Deathmatch and Casual modes. 

A makeover has been given to the hostage map, complete with fresh lighting and textures. The map now boasts two new connector areas. This marks the third map outside the current active duty map pool to debut in the game, following Dust2 and Office, and it is the ninth map overall.

Among the maps currently present in the competitive pool, Inferno stands as the sole one that has not yet been introduced in the game. Glimpses of its potential appearance, nonetheless, have been uncovered within the game files.

Adjustments have been implemented to alter the shape of smokes, aligning them more closely with their appearance in CSGO.

CS2 Latest Beta Test Update Changes In A Nutshell

CS2 Latest Beta Test Update Adds Italy, Reshapes Smoke

Here are the changes that have been made with the latest CS2 Beta Test update: 


  • Italy has been integrated into both “Normal Mode” and “Fight to the Death” modes.
  • Anubis and Ancient are no longer available.


  • The “Competition Mode” has been deactivated.
  • Significant adjustments have been made to the shape of smoke clouds.


  • The sticker sizes for CS 2 M4A4 have been modified to prevent any further overlap.
  • Revamped hostage models. 
  • Changes in the StatTrak position for both M4 models ensure stickers no longer overlap.


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