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The world of Black Skylands is brimming with adventures and dangers, but an experienced captain like you will easily navigate all difficulties if you prepare well for them! Today, we’d like to tell you more about what awaits you during your airborne adventures in Black Skylands. Hoist the sails!


The primary mode of transportation in Black Skylands is the majestic airship. You’ll encounter several types of ships, differing in characteristics such as size, the number of cannons, speed, maneuverability, and more. Easily pilot the ships using an Xbox controller – the ship will follow the direction of the joystick flawlessly!

Black Skylands

As is customary for a novice, your journey will begin on a simple vessel. However, as you progress through the game, more powerful ships will become available to you. You’ll also be able to customize and upgrade them using collected resources, but approach this wisely as resources are limited and won’t cover all upgrades at once!

Black Skylands

You can enhance sails, engines, hulls, weaponry, and much more. Speaking of weapons, captains can choose between various types of cannons and machine guns, as well as firing patterns. Some are better suited for smaller targets, while others are effective against larger and fortified opponents.

World Exploration and Sky Battles

The skies of Black Skylands are filled with floating islands, awaiting your exploration in search of valuable loot. However, you’ll also encounter numerous random and equally rewarding and exciting events.

Pirate Cruisers

You might come across several variations of massive pirate cruisers, each with unique features and a large crew of elite sailors. Each of these ships requires a different tactical approach. For instance, one of the cruisers wields a giant cannon that constantly rotates toward your ship. Another is armed with a plethora of cannons and other weaponry, demanding specific angles of attack to avoid devastating barrages.

Remember that your ship possesses a unique energy shield that can absorb damage and reflect projectiles back at enemies! Use this feature wisely, as it requires time to recharge. After a battle, board enemy vessels for close combat with the crew and to claim valuable loot stored in their holds.

Black Skylands


Even this mythical creature has reached the skies! The Kraken can suddenly seize your ship with its gigantic tentacles and will hold onto it until you defeat it. The Kraken attacks Eva, the captain of your ship, with a series of increasingly fast attacks. If you manage to overcome it, you’ll be rewarded with valuable loot and trophies for your Fathership!

Black Skylands

Volcanic Island

During your exploration, you might encounter an island with an erupting volcano! Be cautious as you approach it, as the flying lava rocks can damage your ship. Make your way through the lava to the volcano and claim its treasures.

Black Skylands

Don’t worry, not all activities are as dangerous and chaotic! You’ll encounter other peaceful travelers in need of your help to repair or refuel their ships. And, of course, airborne fishing is also a possibility! You can exchange your catch for valuable rewards at a sushi bar on one of the islands.

Engage with the Swarm

The Swarm Zone is one of the most treacherous areas on the map, with extremely valuable loot worthy of the bravest captains!

Swarm enemies attack in groups, so your ship needs to be well-prepared and equipped with special weapons capable of countering such foes.

Black Skylands

The behavior of the Swarm differs from that of other enemies, requiring a unique approach to upcoming battles. How will you handle exploding kamikaze beetles, web-spewing spiders, or resilient flying creatures that prefer gaining momentum to ram your ship? These are just a few of the Swarm enemies awaiting you in the dark regions of the world!

Become the captain of an airship and explore the world of the skies, gather resources, build powerful weapons, uncover ancient secrets and fight beneath your ship’s sails. Black Skylands – steampunk action-adventure sandbox RPG is now available on Xbox!

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Black Skylands




Black Skylands is the first steampunk experience that combines elements of open world, sandbox, top-down shooter, and adventure games.

You’ll play as Eva, a proud, brave young woman, who wants revenge on the cold-blooded outlaws who destroyed everything she held dear. Become the captain of an airship and explore the world of the skies, gather resources and build powerful weapons, uncover ancient secrets and fight beneath your ship’s sails.

However, keep in mind that outlaws are not the only threat you’ll encounter. In the deepest depths of the dark skies, something far more dangerous lurks…

Xbox Live

Black Skylands Demo



Dive into the skies and experience the excitement of Black Skylands with our new exclusive demo! Discover the captivating blend of open world, sandbox, top-down shooter, and steampunk, all in one skybound adventure!

Play as Eva, a skilled and valiant young marshal, fighting to protect her people from the invading Falcons and Swarm. Command your airship, gather resources to upgrade your flying base, and engage in thrilling battles beneath your ship’s sails. Brace yourself as you embark on a daring quest to uncover the hidden mysteries concealed within the darkened clouds…

Note: Remember, the demo will take you up to your first intense boss encounter, offering a glimpse into the dangers that lie deep within the skies! The full game awaits with an expansive open world, with new territories to explore, a variety of ships, formidable enemies and bosses, equipment upgrades, and much more. Dive into the full version for the ultimate Black Skylands experience!


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