FACEIT Launches Its First €10K PUBG MOBILE Showdown

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Gaming giant FACEIT is set to make a splash in PUBG MOBILE with a thrilling €10K Challenger Cup, offering players the chance to win big

The renowned esports tournament platform has exciting news for the gaming community. After a series of successful partnerships and ventures, the platform is ready to embrace the world of PUBG MOBILE. Known for its competitive gaming events, the platform’s new collaboration promises a fresh and exhilarating experience for mobile gamers.

The PUBG MOBILE Challenger Cup

Get ready for the much-anticipated PUBGM Challenger Cup! FACEIT is all set to organize this grand showdown, featuring a staggering prize pool of €10,000. The tournament will welcome players from the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region to prove their skills and compete for the top spot.

A Path to Glory

The PUBG MOBILE Challenger Cup will be an exciting journey for participants. Divided into 16 single-elimination qualifiers, teams will have multiple chances to advance to the finals. Each qualifier will consist of three intense rounds on competitive settings, with two maps per round. With experienced staff overseeing the proceedings, players can expect a fair and high-quality competition.

Europe, Middle East, and Africa:

EMEA Qualifier 1 – 13th August

EMEA Qualifier 2 – 17th August

EMEA Qualifier 3 – 20th August

EMEA Qualifier 4 – 24th August

EMEA Qualifier 5 – 27th August

EMEA Qualifier 6 – 31st August

EMEA Qualifier 7 – 3rd September


EU Qualifier 1 – 12th August

EU Qualifier 2 – 19th August

EU Qualifier 3 – 26th August


Turkey Qualifier 1 – 15th August

Turkey Qualifier 2 – 22nd August

Turkey Qualifier 3 – 2nd September

Middle East and Africa:

Middle East and Africa Qualifier 1 – 12th August

Middle East and Africa Qualifier 2 – 19th August

Middle East and Africa Qualifier 3 – 26th August

Prizes Galore

The stakes are high, and the rewards are enticing! The top-performing teams will receive a share of the €10,000 prize pool. The winning team will walk away with an impressive €2,500, while the runner-up takes home €1,500. There are cash prizes for the top 32 teams, motivating players to put their best foot forward and strive for victory.

Daily Cups for UC Rewards

In addition to the main event, the platform is introducing daily cups to further engage the PUBG MOBILE community. These cups will feature rotating solo, duo, and squad formats, offering players a range of game modes to enjoy. Participating in these daily cups will not only provide an opportunity to practice and refine skills but also allow players to earn FACEIT Points. These points can be exchanged for coveted PUBG MOBILE UC, offering access to exclusive in-game items and rewards.

Paving the Way for Mobile Esports

FACEIT’s entry into the PUBG MOBILE arena is a significant milestone for mobile esports. As mobile gaming continues to gain popularity, the platform is committed to nurturing a thriving community of mobile gamers. The success of the Challenger Cup and the daily cups will pave the way for more mobile esports involvement, shaping the future of competitive gaming on the go.

FACEIT Launches Its First €10K PUBG MOBILE Showdown

It’s announcement of their inaugural PUBG MOBILE tournaments has stirred excitement among gaming enthusiasts. The platform’s reputation for organizing top-tier competitive events, combined with the popularity of PUBG MOBILE, promises an electrifying experience for players. With the €10K Challenger Cup and daily cups offering UC rewards, it is setting the stage for mobile esports to flourish. As the competition heats up, players and fans alike are eagerly awaiting the grand showdown and the emergence of a vibrant mobile gaming community.



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