Find out how to Get Schematic and Break out Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite

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Want to escape and complete the Lonely Labyrinth Quest in Fortnite? This is how to grab the Kinetic Ore Schematic and get out without dying.

Fortnite’s latest update included some fun crossovers and fixed some of the mobility problems in the game. In terms of quests though, we’ve got a new batch coming to the game. Along with other new challenges we’ve got the next Chapter in Fortnite Snapshots. That’s this season’s bigger questline where the more difficult challenges have been popping up, like the current one to escape lonely labyrinth in Fortnite.

Epic’s ongoing Snapshots storyline this season is one that pushes you to do unique activities around the map. This week’s batch includes one which is on the longer side. It’s the Lonely Labyrinth quest Fortnite. This is a snapshot quest that requires a bit more work.

A new quest in Snapshots tasks players with getting the Refined Kinetic Ore schematic! This a plan for building some of the Kinetic weapons that have popped up throughout Chapter 4. Although, picking up plans for them is a little ironic given how often the Kinetic weapons have been vaulted to get fixed. Grabbing the Refined Kinetic Ore Schematic isn’t too complicated. Once you’ve gotten it though, it can be a bit of a problem to get it out of there alive!

As a mace, the main goal is to get out safely and escape Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite. However, in Battle Royale you’re a bit more limited. You’ve got other players showing up to take you out (especially as it’s such a new quest). On top of that, the storm might hit, leaving you trapped in the Lonely Labyrinth taking tick damage. If you want to avoid these fates and get out quickly and easily, this is how you can do that.

How to Get the Refined Kinetic Ore Schematic

Escape Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite

The first step to this quest is to find the Lonely Labyrinth quest in Fortnite’s area. As you might be able to guess from the name, this is actually related to the Lonely Labs POI. That’s one of the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 4 but a bit out of the way. It can mean you’ll need to land over there specifically if you want to get things done at a decent pace.

The area to find the Kinetic Ore Schematic in Fortnite is located just North of the Lonely Labs. It’s on another separate ice island that occupies space in the water around here. It’s fairly close to places like the Aegis Temple too. First, land here or close and head over to the underground bit to find the entrance to the temple and the first step to escape Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite. Head over to this spot, then you’ll find a zipline Cable which you can take down.

Once down here, you’ll see two different arrows. There are blue arrows and black ones. As Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite is supposed to be a bit of a maze, this is intentionally confusing! Use the black arrows. The blue ones can get a bit misleading. For the Black, you’ll follow them through to a large central chamber. This is where the Refined Kinetic Ore Schematic in Fortnite is. Just grab it and you’ve completed the first side of this quest! You should be entering from the right side, which is important for your way out.

Escape Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite

How to Escape Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite

That’s the first stage done but what do you do next? You now need to escape Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite. This is supposed to be where the real problems come in for the challenge. You’ll have to escape from a tricky maze with the storm coming up against you. Since the Refined Ore Schematic location is so far from the center of the Fortnite island, you’ll need to be quick you don’t want to end up in the storm. The quest as a whole won’t register until the end of this escape either. You need to do it again if you die.

Essentially you should use this right-side corner of the entry area to get into the labyrinth, which cuts out a lot of the leg work. There’s a character who will shoot at you in the maze which especially makes it difficult. Head back out of this door the direct way you came in and you can avoid a lot of the confusion.

If you get sidetracked at some point the best rule is to keep left (right on the way in). Coming back from the schematic room, it will eventually turn you into the more central room where you’ll be back on track with exit signs. Follow all of this and you should be able to find the right exit, a small room with a toilet in it. This is another shortcut out of the Labyrinth in Fortnite. It warps you right to the top of the area.

Escape Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite

Tips for Completing the Lonely Labyrinth Quest in Fortnite

That’s roughly the method to get the Refined Kinetic Ore Schematic and Escape Lonely Labyrinth in Fortnite. If you’re struggling with the quest though, there are a few tips to get it done as smoothly as possible.

  • Land in Lonely Labs – Don’t land directly on top of the POI. Go to Lonely Labs, get kitted out with Fortnite weapons, and get ready for a real game.
  • Avoid Fights but Don’t Leave Threats in the Labyrinth – If you’re looted up properly you should be able to take fights if they come up. Don’t cause trouble but try not to leave enemies in the labyrinth, or you could run into them again on the way out.
  • Consider Heals and the Storm – If you get particularly stuck then the storm might become a problem. If you have a stack of quick meds like slap juice then you can get out of the Lonely Labyrinth quest in Fortnite while healing much more easily.
  • Team Rumble – Essentially, if all else fails you can just hop into Team Rumble and get the quest done here instead! Team Rumble will mean you’re less focused on staying alive. Downside is it’ll be nearly impossible to get this as a last circle in this mode, so your timing is even more limited. If you get a perfect circle it might be a lot easier though.

Those are some basic tips for getting the escape the Lonely Labyrinth quest done in Fortnite. This is one of the trickier ones we’ve had this season. The labyrinth seems basically only there to annoy you! It’s a big obstacle compared to the normal go and talk to NPCs in Fortnite quests. However, if you follow the right strategies in the Labyrinth, you should be able to get out of it! If you get a favourable storm circle, then you’ll be able to get it done pretty quickly and get even more XP for the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass before it ends in a couple of weeks.


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