Highest Fade Hang-out Lineups on Pearl Assault

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You will give the enemy defenders a hard time with these Fade Pearl Haunt lineups

Best Fade Haunt Lineups on Pearl Attack

Credit: Riot Games

Fade is an intriguing recruit for the Valorant. Since her debut, she has amassed an extensive following among the player population due to the effectiveness of her equipment. According to some, she could even replace Sova, a bold assertion, but enough evidence exists to support this claim. She is capable of performing many of the same tasks as Sova but in her own unique manner. Much effort should be spent learning lineups to maximize this agent’s potential. We will share the best Haunt lineups on the attack side of Pearl for you to flourish in your ranked games.

It is widely acknowledged that Fade’s Haunt is one of the game’s most potent surveillance abilities. This feature enables you to swiftly and precisely identify potential dangers lurking in the most inconspicuous locations. Therefore, utilizing this agent’s powers to the maximum extent feasible is essential. Nonetheless, this ability has a weakness: its sheer physical size. As opposed to the Sova recon dart, its size allows the opponent to get rid of it with relative ease rapidly. Due to this challenge, the more skilled Fade must constantly seek occasions to surprise other teams with different lineups. Having said that, we will begin the list with

A Site Reveal Haunt

The effective utilization of Fade’s power makes capturing the A site simple. This Haunt lineup for A site reveal will significantly assist you and your companions as you enter the location.

image002 3

Credit: Tseeky


Step 1: Approach this wooden object in the A main area as shown below.

image003 9

Credit: Tseeky


Step 2: Look up and aim at this spot on the ceiling. 

image004 3

Credit: Tseeky


Step 3: Lastly, do a jump throw, and the Haunt will scan most of the A site.

B Site Reveal Haunt

Using this ultra-effective ability, you can scan for defenders in the B site area and direct your team on how to assault them best. Having mastered this lineup, you can immensely aid your duelists in creating spaces for the rest of the team to follow.

image005 9

Credit: Tseeky


Step 1: Approach this corner on B long.


Credit: Tseeky


Step 2: Aim your crosshair here.

image007 4

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: A jumping throw will execute the most powerful scan lineup for the B site.

A Main + Art Reveal Haunt

Doing an A split to take Art control is a common yet effective tactic in ranked games. Once the attacker can access Art, they can quickly eliminate rotating defenders and even flank unaware defenders. This Haunt lineup will scan A main and Art for aggressive enemies.


Credit: Tseeky


Step 1: Get stuck in this corner.

image009 5

Credit: Tseeky


Step 2: Line your crosshair up with the shown spot.


Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: A simple left-click throw will be enough to execute this powerful lineup.

B Link Reveal Haunt

It’s common knowledge how influential taking B link control by the attackers can be for the round outcome. It is undoubtedly one of the most vital locations on the map to cut off rotations and flank unsuspecting defenders. Therefore, learn this Fade lineup since it will significantly assist you in safely setting your foot in this location.

image011 2

Credit: Tseeky


Step 1: Get behind these boxes on Mid Shops.


Credit: Tseeky


Step 2: Aim your crosshair here.

image013 2

Credit: Tseeky

Step 3: Simply do a jump throw, and enemy defenders won’t have any way to prevent getting scanned.

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