How F1 Supervisor 23 Recreates Broadcast High quality F1 Races

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Have you ever found yourself thinking you could do better than the F1 Team Principals during an action-packed race? Or do you want to immerse yourself in the strategy and high-octane drama of an F1 race weekend? F1 Manager 23 lets you do just that, and it’s available from today.

With broadcast quality presentation, and a more authentic recreation of an F1 race weekend than ever before, you can jump right into the action and manage your chosen F1 team on your terms.

An Immersive Broadcast Experience

If you’re an F1 regular, you’ll be immediately familiar with the broadcast experience in F1 Manager 23. We’ve gone to great lengths to replicate what you see on TV, from the timing tower which allows you to view important information like intervals and tyre compounds, to instant replays of key incidents in the race, with commentary from real-world commentators David Croft and Karun Chandhok.

Rarely does an F1 race go exactly to plan, and that’s something you need to consider as a Team Principal. Crashes, spins, and more can affect the outcome of the race. A safety car could drastically alter your strategy, or a red flag could bring a pause to the session, giving you a chance to rethink your plans.

Also new this year is the exhilarating visor camera. As introduced recently in real-world F1 broadcasts, you can now get closer to the action than ever before and see through the eyes of your drivers as they execute your every command. Alongside visor camera, our broadcast camera angles closely resemble those you would see during a live race on TV, allowing you to watch the race unfold on a broader scale.

The introduction of the DHL Fastest Pit Stop award to the game brings with it a new challenge for you to consider when managing your team. Make use of your Sporting Director and the brand-new pit crew training schedule to strike that perfect balance between executing fast pitstops, eliminating costly mistakes, and avoiding team fatigue.

Enhanced Detail on and off the Track

F1 Manager 23 is the most authentic F1 management experience ever made, and our Art team has put in outstanding work to recreate the cars and tracks in more detail than you’ve ever seen in a motorsport management game. We work closely with F1 and all the teams to make sure their latest high-speed marvels of engineering are represented as accurately as possible within the game.

A fast car is nothing without a driver however, and with face scanned 3D models for each F1 driver, updated helmets and team overalls, your star drivers will look the part on the track. That’s not all though, we’ve added up to 4 times the amount of driver team radio than in last year’s game, so you’ll hear your Race Engineer and driver react to more moments and decisions you make throughout the race weekend.

The 2023 F1 calendar is full of iconic circuits, and you get to experience them all in F1 Manager 23. With 23 races in the season, and the new addition of F1 Sprint events, you need to be ready for every type of track. Some tracks benefit from a focus on your car’s downforce, whereas outright power is key on others. We’ve used Airbus’ satellite technology to accurately recreate all these tracks within the game, as well as all the latest changes to tracks like Barcelona, and the addition of new circuits like the dazzling Las Vegas Strip Circuit.

New Race Replay Mode

All this comes together in our brand-new Race Replay mode, which takes our authenticity to the next level. Utilising real-world data, you’ll be able to relive thrilling races and key moments from the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship. 

Starting Grid replicates the race conditions and starting positions of every race from the 2023 season, allowing you to select any team, create your strategy, and see if you can outperform the real-world Team Principals.

Race Moments puts you in charge of pivotal moments from real races in the season. Can you give Alonso his first win of the season in Monaco, or guide McLaren to an unexpected victory at Silverstone? Your decisions in the moments that matter will make all the difference here.

With Starting Grids and a Race Moment added for every race in the 2023 season, Race Replay offers a whole new way to play along with the season in F1 Manager 23.

F1 Manager 23 immerses you in the world of F1, putting you on the pitwall of one of the 10 F1 teams in more authentic detail than ever seen before in a motorsport management experience. Start building your legacy when the game launches on Xbox on July 31, or get a head start with the Deluxe Edition, which includes 12 exclusive scenarios to test your skills even further, and up to 4 days early unlock, allowing you to play from July 27.

Xbox Live

F1® Manager 2023 Deluxe Edition

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Pre-order the Deluxe Edition of F1® Manager 2023 now to receive: 

Early unlock, allowing you to play from 27th July 

Deluxe Upgrade Pack 

Three exclusive race moments including one for the all-new Las Vegas Strip Circuit 

The Deluxe Upgrade Pack offers 12 unique scenario challenges, including both starting grid and race moments, that will put even the most strategic Team Principal to the test.  

The intense world of Formula 1® comes alive for a new season in F1® Manager 2023. 23 races, six F1® Sprint events, new cars, new circuits including the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, new drivers, new challenges… Your legacy begins here.

• F1® Manager 2023 challenges you to manage the F1® team of your choice on your terms. Start your career as Team Principal at one of the 10 F1® teams and manage every aspect from the factory to the garage, to the starting grid
• Experience broadcast-quality presentation as you take your team through practice, qualifying and a thrilling race day for each race of the season, and beyond
• Detailed management systems give you control over your drivers, staff and car. Your decisions determine how your season unfolds


Relive thrilling races and key moments from the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship™ in Race Replay, a brand-new mode which brings you even closer to the excitement and drama of F1®.

Utilising real world F1® data taken from the live races, Starting Grid replicates the race conditions and driver starting positions of every race from the 2023 season, and Race Moments allow you to take control of a specific team during a pivotal moment of a real race from the 2023 season.

Whether it’s taking control of Aston Martin at Monaco and trying to get Alonso his first win of the season or trying to keep McLaren in the points after a chaotic Australian GP, Race Moments challenges you to make those defining split-second decisions in the moments that matter.


Races are more dramatic and dynamic than ever with refinements to racing lines, overtakes and incidents. Improved driver AI, rival team decision making, and an enhanced tyre temperature simulation will pose a greater challenge across fully-realised F1® races.

Get closer to the racing action than ever before with all-new visor camera, jump on board with any of the 20 drivers on track and experience the thrill of a Formula 1® race from their point of view.


Feel the emotional highs and lows of the drivers as they compete for victory. A spin, pit stop error or failed overtake may affect your driver’s confidence. Weigh up the risks and use the new Driver Tactics options to instruct your drivers on how to approach the racing action and come out on top of important battles for positions.


Compete at the highest level of motorsport with more depth and detail than ever before. Older drivers will regress as they age, so scout the simulated F2™ and F3™ championships for the next generational talent. In order to catch the enhanced race AI, making the next breakthrough in car development is more important than ever. Balance the push for performance against the need to replace less durable parts.

Hire an experienced Sporting Director, opening up the ability to manage your pit crew’s training regime and hone their skills, crucial for a successful race weekend, avoiding costly errors and winning the Fastest Pit Stop award.


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