How the Esports Recreation Business is Converting

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One of the most exciting things about the gaming industry is that it never stands still; it is constantly growing and changing. In recent years, many games have evolved to the format of being ‘always live.’ This means that there are regular content updates and features that can help players stay engaged long after the game has launched. Thanks to all of these new features, this has meant that live streaming and esports tournaments have begun to take full force, becoming a lot more mainstream.

New esports titles are emerging every year, with more chances of joining in and winning prizes, all while playing the game you love. Read on to find out more about how the esports game industry is changing.

Changes and Impacts of the Industry

1.       Money and Reach

Some people might think eSports aren’t as good as other sporting tournaments due to a lack of money. This could not be more wrong. With some owners being billionaires, multi-million salaries for certain players, and millions of dollars made in sponsorship deals for tournaments, eSports are up there with the big dogs. Compared to most major sports, esports is in the same position regarding marketing and money.


The British Premier League has hired eSports players to engage with fans to express the importance of entertainment and sports. This has been a smart move by top soccer clubs, allowing them to showcase their brand even more. Including esports players in marketing campaigns helps them further their reach. This is why sports brands are keen to step into the world of eSports, as the general age of people interested in eSports is around 26 years and younger. Recent reports have shown that the average Premier League supporter is 42 years or older. So, for soccer teams who are looking toward the future and thinking about what their fan base might be like, it is a strategic move to target a younger audience. The eSports industry allows them to gain clear insights and to communicate with the younger generation, creating a brand new audience.

 2.       Twitch

We can’t talk about the development of eSports without mentioning the impact of Twitch. Twitch is considered to be the top platform in the world for video game streaming, especially in esports. It has played a crucial role in the gaming industry by impacting how gamers can consume and access new games. Professional athletes are now no strangers to Twitch, banking serious salaries and advertising fees, many of them just in their early twenties.

The esports industry owes Twitch a lot in terms of its development and popularity. This platform has managed to make esports accessible for a new kind of audience. It has created a community whereby some of the best gamers in the world can communicate with their fans, offering insights into how they can become better gamers and push the esports industry forward.

This level of stardom coupled with the huge competitions and events that are on the platform is what has made esports the industry it is today. Due to the success that esports has had on these streaming platforms game developers have been inspired to up their game when creating new gaming features.

3.       Game Development

The development of new communications and technology have had a great impact on the eSports industry. This is especially clear in the world of streaming. Statistics show that today more and more fans are streaming their favorite eSports players in large numbers. The strategic implementation of new technology coupled with associated media events have contributed to what is now a multi-billion dollar industry. An industry that has no plans of slowing down any time soon.

Developments don’t come without major changes. A change that the esports industry has contributed to is how games are designed. In the past, games were released with fans having to wait 2 or more years for a next one, if there even was one. Today, developers are creating and developing games with esports fans in mind. They want to create games that are easy to watch and can be understood by any kind of spectator. This has increased the popularity of certain genres, such as shooting games or online battle arenas with multiplayers. 

Now, game players are treated with the respect they deserve from a professional point of view. In the past, gamers were looked down upon, considered to be people with no clear future. Now, they have fans all over the world, and many are newfound celebrities in their own right in the same way a professional soccer player would be.


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