Jurassic Park Getting thirtieth Anniversary RealD three-D Unencumber

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Back in 1993, Jurassic Park mined agonizing tension from the simple image of water rippling in a glass. Those heavy T-rex footsteps are going to make an even more menacing impact when Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi tale—which has been enthusiastically marking its 30th anniversary all year—hits theaters in RealD 3D.

This release follows up the film’s conversion to 3D and successful re-release for its 20th anniversary back in 2013. And while you’ve probably seen Jurassic Park three or three dozen times since its original release, seeing it in the vivid RealD 3D format is a big step up from streaming it on your TV.

“There’s truly no better way to see Jurassic Park than on the big screen,” said a guy who really wants you to leave your house to watch it: Jim Orr, president of domestic theatrical distribution for Universal Pictures, speaking in a press release. Adding further encouragement is Sean Spencer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for RealD, who said, “For audiences who have not experienced this beloved classic on the big screen in years, now is the chance to see the original Jurassic Park in 3D. This is summertime event moviegoing the way it was meant to be seen.”

Sure, the Jeep chase, the hiding-in-terror scenes, and jaw-dropping shots of dinosaurs are going to look great, but we’re also excited for the smaller moments that will take on new grandeur in massive 3D: Jeff Goldblum’s weird laugh, Laura Dern’s ice cream taste, Wayne Knight’s shaving-cream can hand-off, anything involving Mr. DNA, Samuel L. Jackson muttering “Hold onto your butts” around the cigarette clamped between his teeth. The 3D engagement kicks off August 25, though there’ll be early showings on August 24; you can pick up advance tickets now at all major ticketing sites.

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