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The full guide on finding the Adamantine Forge, the best crafting spot in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 1

Central to any fantasy RPG experience is the loot system, but if you’re down to forge your armaments yourself using the best ore around, the Adamantine Forge would be the best place to do it. But why has this particular smithy spawned so much interest in the playerbase?

For the uninitiated, Adamantine is virtually the strongest metal that exists on the material plane. More than that, the forge allows you to work with Mithral ore which you can easily mine around the subterranean forge. D&D armor and weapons created from this hardy alloy are highly coveted, as the former lets you resist critical hits.

The Adamantine in Baldur’s Gate 3 holds different properties, however. Getting hit by an enemy while you’re in Adamantine armor applies the ‘Reeling’ condition to the attacker, giving them a -1 Attack penalty for 5 turns! Moreover, blades forged from Adamantine automatically silences your targets on hit. Needless to say, getting your hands on anything Adamantine is a major score in Larian’s latest title.

The best part? You can find the Adamantine Forge early on in the game.

So if you’re interested in crafting unique, high-level gear in Act 1, here’s the full Baldur’s Gate 3 guide on how to get to the Adamantine Forge in 4 easy steps.

How to Get to the Adamantine Forge in Baldur’s Gate 3

Step 1: Reach the Underdark

To get to the Adamantine Forge, you must first find an entrance to the Underdark. To find the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3, head southwest of the ‘Blighted Village’ until you reach the ‘Fetid Bog’. From there, go west to find the ‘Riverside Teahouse’. Activate the waypoint for easier travel.

Along the way, you might encounter locked chests and barred doors that won’t budge. Larian Games made it so that not every door will have its own key, so if you want to put your Sleight of Hand to the test, here’s our Baldur’s Gate 3 guide on taking what you want. 

Enter the abandoned teahouse and find the Fireplace. Interact with the burning hearth to get rid of the flames and pass through with your party. Next, go down the wooden stairs to reach an overgrown tunnel which leads you to a Gnarled door. From there, follow the path until you find a waterfall.

Jump through the waterfall, Afterwards, cast either the ‘Jump’ or ‘Fly’ spell and make your way to a ledge on your right. Here you’d find an illusory gnarled wall which you can dispel. Once you pass through, proceed onwards to find a gleaming portal which will teleport you to the Underdark.

How to get to the adamantine forge baldurs gate 3 grym

Step 2: Go to the Grymforge

Once you’ve made it to the Underdark, head to the southwest to find ‘Underdark – Beach’. Across the water, you’ll find a large boat in the docks (-20, -238) which will take you to the Grymforge. Taking the vessel for the first time will trigger an encounter, but after that you’ll arrive at the Grymforge which houses the Adamantine Forge.

Step 3: Travel to the Adamatine Forge

After docking, head south to jump a large chasm to find the ‘Underdark – Ancient Forge’ waypoint. Again, utilize either ‘Jump’ or ‘Fly’ to make it across. After that, you can easily activate the fast-travel waypoint to bring all of your allies over.

How to get to the adamantine forge baldurs gate 3 grym

On the platform, you’ll encounter a few skeletons, but they should be easy to beat if you’re around level 4. Around this part, you’ll start finding large blue Mithral ores which you can harvest. Using force damage (ie. Eldritch blast) lets you mine these valuable resources faster.

Around the forge, you’ll also be able to find Moulds, which you’ll need to forge the armament of your choice.

Upon finding the huge, circular base of the Adamantine Forge, you’ll be able to insert both ore and Mould to the central capsule. Pull the main lever to take you down to the lava chamber. Once you’re there, interact with the Lava Valve. Doing so will start the Grym bossfight.

How to get to the adamantine forge baldurs gate 3 grym

Step 4: Defeat Grym

This bossfight presents the unique challenge of taking down an extremely tough, but slow-moving golem using the central power hammer of the Admantine Forge.

The eternal guardian is immune to most damage types, and is resistant to Slashing, Piercing, Acid, Thunder, Cold and Force damage. Thankfully, the huge automaton is weak to Bludgeoning, so ready your warhammers and maces!

Additionally, His Intelligence, Dexterity and Charisma scores are extremely low, so prepare spells that specifically proc INT, DEX and CHA saving throws.

For the fastest way to defeat Grym, position your party members on each of the circular platforms on the forge. One must be able to operate the Lava Valve, and another must be beside the Forge Lever at all times.

First, draw Grym to the center of the Adamantine forge using ranged weapons. Remember that it only follows allies marked as the “Prime Target”, so be careful when planning attacks. Once that’s done, retreat to an empty circular platform, activate the lava valve, and pull the lever to bring the forge’s press down onto the automaton. Repeat this two times until Grym is defeated.

How to get to the adamantine forge baldurs gate 3 grym

Remember: it is essential that you space your party out during this bossfight to avoid a total party wipe via AOE Slam damage. The encounter will also spawn flying Imps, which you can easily dispatch using ranged weapons and spells. This fight will test how well you can juggle aggro, so patience is key.

After decommissioning its Eternal Guardian, the Adamantine Forge will become yours.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has seen tremendous success in its first week, already surpassing the 700k-player count in its first 24 hours. With that, the D&D community has shown up in full force to test the game’s mettle, and so far, reviews are overwhelmingly positive! But like in all generic fantasy games, it’s the quest for power that draws most players in. And what makes min-maxing your way through the hundreds of hours of challenges better than being fully decked-out in Adamantine armor?

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