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The IGN YouTube channel has posted a gameplay video featuring the first 13 minutes of Lords of the Fallen, which shows the early stages and tutorial of the new soulslike with a dark fantasy backdrop by HexWorks and CI Games.

CI Games and Hexworks also provided a roughly 17-minute gameplay video of Lords of the Fallen via GameSpot’s YouTube page, which you can view below. The production team comments on the video, which gives us an introduction of the gaming mechanics as on-screen battle sequences, exploration, and even some boss bouts are taking place.

Lords of the Fallen gameplay

In this sense, the video stresses the protagonist’s ability to move between two realms, particularly Axiom, the domain of the living, and Umbral, the realm of the dead. The gaming worlds of the two realities are superimposable but not fully similar. For example, in the video, we see how entering the domain of Umbral allows you to explore previously inaccessible locations, but at the risk of having to contend with adversaries that do not exist in Axiom.

This gameplay element is also very important during conflicts. In actuality, if we are defeated, we will not return to the checkpoint, but will immediately resurrect at the location where we died, but within Axiom, giving us a second opportunity against our killer.

Unlike the long Lords of the Fallen gameplay video published on the GamesSpot’s channel, in this case, it is possible to better understand certain game dynamics thanks to the presence of on-screen tutorials. The video also features the opening sequence of the game, so if you don’t to spoil any surprises, we advise you to watch the video starting from 1:20.

Lords of the Fallen length

Thanks to the latest interviews granted by the Hexworks development team, many new details have arrived on Lords of the Fallen, including the number of hours needed to get to the credits and plans for post-launch support.

According to the study’s director, Saul Gascon, the first run would take 30+ hours to complete, whereas a player who has completed the adventure at least once and so understands the game dynamics, as well as the placement of things and opponents, will take roughly 25 hours. Gascon also stated that Lords of the Fallen had a high replay value, citing the availability of three possible endings, the New Game Plus mode, and the chance to play various different classes.

Lords of the Fallen open world

A quick glance at the artistic sector is enough to be taken aback by Hexworks’ complete 180-degree turn: with its unhealthy settings and much darker cut, the new incarnation of the epic is even closer to the From Software atmospheres than the original. The settings to visit, while keeping an eye out for foes that will try to send us to Umbral, are not merely paintings.

Lords of the Fallen aims to do away with the horizontal linearity of the “first time” and instead offers a map that is five times as large, as well as a more varied exploration thanks to the vertical connections between the various locations, as well as the promise of new discoveries if you go back to earlier environments, as is the case with metroidvania games.

lords of the fallen


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