New Accessibility Options Coming To Wonder’s Spider-man 2

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New accessibility features including the ability to slow down the game are coming to Marvel’s Spiderman 2, as revealed by Insomniac Games 

One of the most anticipated games of 2023 is Marvel’s Spider-man 2, developed by Insomniac Games. The game is set to be released on October 20, 2023, set to be distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is an action and open-world adventure single-player game inspired by the character Spiderman from the original Marvel comics. It is obviously a sequel to the game, Marvel’s Spider-man released in 2018, but it is also a follow-up of Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales released in 2020. The initial announcement for the release of the game was made by Insomniac Games in September 2021. Just like the previous two games of Marvel’s Spider-man game series, this game is also going to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. 

New Accessibility Features coming to Marvel’s Spider-man 2 include the ability to slow the game down

New Accessibility Features Coming To Marvel’s Spider-man 2

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Noted in a forum post on the famous video gaming forum website, ResetEra by a user “Angie”, new accessibility features are coming to the game, Marvel’s Spider-man 2. In the post, she shared a screenshot of the new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that has been added to the official page for the game on PlayStation’s website. The FAQ section was added to the official game page on 15th August 2023. One question mentioned with its answer in the FAQ section stood out because of what it revealed about the upcoming game.  Here’s the post that the user “Angie” shared: 


The question included in the FAQ section that stood out reads, “What are the accessibility gameplay features in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?” The answer to this question that was given reads, “Insomniac Games have devised a range of new and in-depth accessibility features to create a Marvel’s Spider-Man experience without barriers.” Then it continues stating that, “Building on the accessibility improvements in previous titles, these features allow the game to be enjoyed by more players of different abilities.” Then, three different accessibility features that have been added to the game are stated. The three accessibility features include screen reader support,  on-screen captions or audio description for the game and the ability to slow down gameplay. 


While all of the added accessibility features are quite amazing, the biggest addition is the gameplay speed maneuvering ability. The ability to slow down the gameplay seems as easy as pressing a button to choose a different speed. Players have the ability to choose to slow down the action in their gameplay to a maximum of 30% speed, 50% speed or a minimum of 70% speed. They can also revert the speed of their gameplays back to normal speed at any given time according to their wish. We have seen this particular accessibility feature before in another game developed by Insomniac Games. The game is Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, a single-player third-person shooter game that includes the same speed feature. 


One of the other features is the screen reader support feature, which is an audio accessibility feature in the game. This feature will enable an automated reading voice that will read out all the text on the screen in the game’s menus for players that need it. Last but not least, the third accessibility feature that has been added to Marvel’s Spider-man 2 is the captions feature. The caption’s feature gives the player two different options to choose from. Firstly, the reader can choose to turn on on-screen captions for the entire duration of their gameplay. Secondly, the player can choose to turn on audio descriptions for the action or cinematic sequences in their gameplay. 


These accessibility features will be added to the game along with many others from the older games. Both of the previous games already include a myriad of features, so the gameplay is going to be very customizable for each player. We are certain that developers want to allow players to have the best possible open-world adventure. The full list of features is likely to be announced closer to the release date of the game in October. Whatever information we have thus far is riveting because, after the announcement of the game, developers kept us completely in the dark for a year. Hence stay tuned for more news on Marvel’s Spider-man 2 because we’ll be sure to keep you updated!


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