Overwatch 2 Season 7 Greatest Expectancies

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Looking forward to the most anticipated changes coming to Overwatch 2 Season 7

Season 6 was possibly the biggest Overwatch 2 update to ever hit live servers. The game formally stepped out of it’s “early access” phase with a shiny new look to its menu screens, along with a new game mode that tests your hero mastery. More than that, people who were willing to pay the $15 pricetag also got to try the long-awaited story missions (skill tree not included).

With tons of new content, there’s still plenty of fun to be had before Overwatch 2’s next big patch swings around in the Fall.

Overwatch Season 7 will arrive on October 10, 2023. And as promised by the developers in the previous content roadmap, future competitive updates will see major balance changes, new maps, events and cinematic debuts. Here are the biggest things we’re looking forward to in Overwatch 2 Season 7 and beyond.

Who Is the Next Tank in Overwatch 2?

The Support role’s gotten enough love in terms of new heroes, and now it’s the Tank’s turn.

In the official Overwatch 5-6 roadmap, only a few details about the winter season were shared. Knowing that Blizzard only releases a cinematic every few months, it’s a safe bet that we won’t be seeing any new animated shorts until December. Using the same principle, we should be seeing Overwatch 2’s newest tank hero before the year ends.

Since Ramattra’s debut in Season 2, Blizzard has released a new Overwatch 2 hero every other month. With that, we suspect the next tank to hit the live servers on Season 8 sometime in December.

Fans speculate that the next tank might be Mauga, a Samoan character teased in Baptiste’s origin story. And with the way Blizzard has teased new heroes as of late, this theory might hold some credibility.

Right beside the Peru poster that was used to hint at Illari’s release is a similar handbill showing the lush tropics of Samoa, almost confirming Mauga’s entry around Season 7 or 8.

Physically imposing with a large appetite for cruelty, Talon’s sociopathic heavy assault specialist is “like a demon” according to Baptise, who has had experience calming the imposing operative down when they were still a part of Talon.

overwatch 2 season 7 biggest expectations

In the official comics, Mauga can be seen toting large canons on each arm, potentially having ballistic or perhaps even incendiary capabilities. And considering how Overwatch 2’s newest additions seem to blur the line between roles, Mauga would definitely pack a punch if he got added in the game. Naturally, we’ll update the page once we get additional info on Overwatch 2’s latest hero.

Season 6 introduced us to the Inti Warrior Illari, a long-ranged hitscan support that devastates the battlefield with her AOE burn ult. If you’re just starting to climb the ranks with the solar-powered soldier, check out our hero guide for beginners here.

Sombra and Roadhog Reworks

Since its release, Blizzard’s team shooter has slowly reworked some of its more problematic heroes in Overwatch 2. Brigitte’s improved ultimate, Doomfist’s skillset as a new tank and Mercy’s ultimate iterations are just a few of what we’ve seen so far, and it looks like we’re getting more.

Sombra and Roadhog have been tricky heroes to counter in seasons past, and it’s easy to see why. The world’s best hacker has been notorious for her problematic playstyle, and has consistently been one of the toughest heroes to balance. To truly fix the problem, some big changes were needed, and one of them was cleverly hinted at in the “Heroes Can” trailer.

overwatch 2 season 7 biggest expectations credit: coach_Mills


Sombra has been one of the hardest heroes to balance, and the incoming changes to her kit will likely involve her Translocator ability.

Moreover, Roadhog’s infamy in the Overwatch community stems from the core ability of his kit; the chain hook. Since Overwatch’s 2016 release, the wastelander’s whole playstyle revolved around hooking your enemies in before finishing them off in one hit with your short-ranged scrap blaster. As a result, many players felt that Roadhog was not fun to play against because of this combo.

Like Sombra, Roadhog got hit with tons of nerfs and rebuffs to his kit in an effort to try to balance fun on both sides of the chainhook, but it’s apparent that this was never achieved. Since it was the root of the problem, Blizzard will most likely modify (or completely replace) Roadhog’s chainhook in a future seasonal update.

New Collaborations!

Overwatch 2’s getting another crossover event in the future, and it’s already better than the One Punch Man event.

In their announcement, the Blizzard devs revealed that the game’s next brand collaboration would come with an in-game event themed after Overwatch 2’s next partner. Apart from the new line of skins that’ll hit the in-game store, the game mode makes it so that even free-to-play users have the opportunity to partake in the collab.

New Lore Codex

Keeping track of Overwatch’s ever-expanding lore just got better. In their latest content map, a Lore Codex was included in the list of future releases.

Speaking of character trivia, the Overwatch 2 team recently released the character ages of all of its playable heroes in the game, with some of them causing more confusion than others.

Used primarily as archives, a Lore Codex is there for the player to keep track of everything they’ve uncovered in a video game. Whether it’s about secret items, weapons, new characters or even entire places, this feature could further flesh out the team-based shooter’s future setting as well as it’s main cast. But that’s not all that players can look forward to in Season 7 and beyond.

And that’s pretty much everything major that Season 7 and beyond has in store for us. Besides a new Control map and Competitive Mystery Heroes making a comeback, Blizzard hasn’t announced many details about future plans as of yet. However, there’s still a good amount of content for players to burn through before they start looking for the next big thing Overwatch 2 definitely has in store.


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