Pokemon Sleep Glossy Pokemon And How you can Catch Them

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Want to catch some Pokemon Sleep Shiny Pokemon? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to.

Pokemon Sleep is slowly on the way to fixing all of our sleeping schedules and turning us into functional human beings. Well, almost. Just like every good Pokemon game, this app also includes the iconic shiny hunting which may or may not dictate your life for the foreseeable future.

So, do you want to brag to your friends not just by having a functional sleeping rhythm but also an oddly colored critter companion? Here is everything you need to know.


Pokemon Sleep Shiny 101

First of all, yes there are Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon sleep. While we don’t have exact numbers or any official confirmation, it seems like the Shiny chance is similar to that of Pokemon GO! Which is 1 to 450, certainly better than the rates we’ve seen across the rest of the franchise.

As of writing, there is also no real information on how to increase these odds. It could very well be, that once you’ve seen all the Pokemon you’ll get a special item that will increase those odds, as it series tradition.

While we haven’t caught any Shiny Pokemon ourselves yet, we do know that in every case a Shiny Pokemon appeared, it had a guaranteed Hungry status. While this isn’t 100% confirmed it is nice to know that they at least have a higher chance of being befriended and added to your team.

Getting a Shiny seems to be up to chance. So reaching the maximum score, which can be achieved by sleeping a healthy 8 hours and 30 minutes won’t affect the possibility of actually getting one.

Pokemon Sleep Styles EN

Shiny Snorlax

Apparently, there is also a Shiny Snorlax according to some screenshots. Since you’ll get a new Snorlax every week, which may or may change depending on the Island you do your weeklong study on, there is a chance you run into one eventually.

Pokemon Sleep Shiny

This is 100% pure chance, seems to have no effect on gameplay, and is just like with regular Shiny Pokemon. Once you get one, make sure to take as many screenshots as humanly possible maybe even with your new Shiny Partners. It might take a while till you see the next one.

And that wraps up everything we know about Shiny’s in Pokemon Sleep. For more on the mobile game, check out our Tips on our dedicated Pokemon page.


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