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Remnant 2 is a game that provides many weapons, amulets, rings, and objects of all kinds that can be useful during your adventure. In this guide, we will focus on the Remnant 2 best rings that you can find while exploring the various worlds that make up the game.

Remnant 2 best rings to unlock

The rings present in Remnant 2 are many and each of them has its own characteristics and peculiarities that will prove useful on different occasions. Precisely because of the vast number of rings present and the profound differences between them, we have decided to show you those which, according to our experience in the game, are the best to equip and which you will therefore have to focus on finding them. So here’s a list below of the Remnant 2 rings.

remnant 2 rings

Black Cat Band

  • Location: Ward 13, sold by Reggie for 500 Scrap after you die several times.
  • Effect: Instead of dying when taking fatal damage, your health will drop to 1, and movement speed will increase by 25% for 10 seconds; two-minute internal cooldown.

Fae Warrior Ring

  • Location: Losomn, Morrow Parish. Found along the streets of the Dran village.
  • Effect: +15% melee damage.

Fae Hunter Ring

  • Location: Losomn, Great Sewers. Found inside a shack.
  • Effect: Increases the range of firearms by 30%.

Cataloger’s Jewel

  • Location: Losomn, Beatific Palace. Continue until you have solved the Card Jester’s problem in the Malefic Palace, keep moving on with the Mural main objective in Losomn. Return to the library checkpoint in the Beatific Palace once you have reached the open yard. The door should be open, as you can see. The following room contains The Cataloger’s Jewel.
  • Effect: Generates +8 mod power per second.


Dense Silicon Ring

  • Location: Labyrinth, Entangled Gauntlet. On a plinth just before the Worldstone crystal.
  • Effect: Gain 200% of health regenerated as mod power.

Deep Pocket Ring

  • Location: N’erud, The Putrid Domain. As you go through the Phantom Wasteland and toward the Timeless Horizon, you will encounter this dungeon.
  • Effect: Increases ammo reserves by 25%.

Tear of Kaeula

  • Location: Yaesha, Kaeula’s Rest. On an altar in the dungeon. Picking it up triggers a cutscene that leads to the Kaeula’s Shadow boss fight.
  • Effect: Gives two additional Relic charges.

Heart of the Wolf

  • Location: Yaesha, Forbidden Grove. Found along a wooden path in the overworld area, just after you exit Kaeula’s Rest.
  • Effect: +25 maximum stamina and +10% movement speed.

Ring of Diversion

  • Location: Yaesha, The Lament. Open the locked door by using Kolket’s Key.
  • Effect: Increases invulnerability window while evading and sliding.

Probability Cord

  • Location: Root Earth, Corrupted Harbor. Look for a big branch in the cargo docks above the checkpoint. A ledge on the right side will be visible, and it will lead you back to the checkpoint by skirting around a secret passageway.
  • Effect: +30% crit damage.


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