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Gunfire Games wanted to release an early Remnant 2 patch to fix several issues that players have been reporting since its launch. As explained in detail on the official website where you can read all the Remnant 2 patch notes in detail, the developers have decided to implement many fixes and improvements to the game’s quality of life.

Remnant 2 patch notes

Although the development team said that they are constantly working to implement all possible improvements, they also reassured the fans that all these fixes and improvements will make the gaming experience better even for all players who have had the inconvenience of running into some bugs or crashes. So, below, here is a list with the most important fixes and improvements of this Remnant 2 patch.

Performance and crashes

  • Initial optimizations to improve overall performance.
  • Updates to improve hitching and potential crashes.
  • Fixed multiple reported crash bugs.
  • High detail shadows have been moved to a separate option and can be enabled in the options on PC.

Quality of life

  • Increased Trait Cap by +5.
  • Tome of Knowledge now grants Scrap and EXP when the player has reached Trait Cap.
  • Orb of Undoing now has unlimited uses. Players can sell any extras for Scrap.
  • Removed the Trait Requirement for equipping a second Archetype. Players may now slot their second Archetype as soon as they obtain/convert another Engram at Wallace.
  • Removed the Scrap Cost for converting a Mysterious Item into an Engram (1000 to 0).
  • Lowered the Lumenite Cost for converting a Mysterious Item into an Engram (10 to 5).
  • Slightly Increased Scrap Gain from Breakables.
  • Increased Scrap Gain from Regular and Rare Chests.
  • Increased Scrap Gain when killing Aberrations.
  • Reduced the cost of Bloodroot.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed multiple reported crash bugs and instability issues.
  • Fixed Tal’Ratha boss fight lockout if game was exited during cutscene dialogue.
  • Fixed the Astropath boss fight failing to start if game was exited during cutscenes.
  • Fixed an issue with Weapons not unlocking after a Hardcore playthrough.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Explorer and Archon Armor from appearing on the vendor. Players will need to first convert the appropriate Mysterious Item into an Engram at Wally
  • Fix for Achievement when meeting the Flautist if co-op player was spectating at the time where the Flautist was met.
  • Addressed issue with players not receiving achievements in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed an issue where scripted deaths from the Bone Harvester, Empress Guards, and Red Prince caused actual deaths and ended Hardcore runs.
  • Fixed an issue with Weapons not unlocking after completing playthroughs at different difficulties.

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