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On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, Remnant 2 has recently received a new update. Additionally, it has already been confirmed that a second patch for the game’s Microsoft version is on the way to match the corrections with the Sony version for the PlayStation platform.

For both PlayStation and Xbox, a number of updates have been made in order to increase stability, lessen crashes, and fix flaws that prevent players from moving on in the game in this Remnant 2 update. A second update is coming later this week to address more balancing improvements, bug repairs, and game updates. As was noted for the Xbox version, the update was made to address the most critical and aggravating issues players may experience.

Remnant 2 Xbox Series X|S update

The team has implemented a variety of improvements for performance and crashes, including continuous performance optimizations, updates to reduce potential crashes and improve hitching, and the correction of numerous reported crash problems. Instead, when it comes to milestones and prizes, the team made as many difficulty-based rewards as feasible and retrospectively repaired a number of achievements that weren’t logged properly.

Furthermore, there are many updates regarding quality of life, balancing, and general bug fixes that many users were experiencing. If you want to know in detail everything that has been fixed by the development team, we advise you to read the official patch notes released on the game’s website.

Remnant 2 PlayStation 5 update

In order to reduce crashes and enhance performance, the team has performed a number of changes, such as continuous performance optimizations and bug fixes for numerous reported crash problems. Instead, in terms of milestones and incentives, the team made as many rewards depending on difficulty as was practical and retroactively fixed a lot of achievements that weren’t properly logged, similar to what happened with the Xbox Series X|S edition.

Additionally, there are numerous upgrades for quality of life, balancing, and general bug patches, just like for the Xbox Series X|S version, which many users were experiencing. We suggest reading the official patch notes posted on the game’s website if you want to learn more about each issue the development team addressed in detail.

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