Remnant 2 Twisting Wounds Mutator: Methods to Get it

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The Remnant 2 Twisting Wounds mutator is needed to create a build that allows you to deal bleed damage to your opponents. It is something very similar to what we have already seen in the first game, although in this new version, it is a little less powerful but still very effective. For this reason, we have decided to create this guide on how to get it.

Remnant 2 how to get Twisting Wounds mutator

The first thing to know is that, like most of the mutators in the game, Twisting Wounds can also be acquired by defeating a corrupted mini-boss. To obtain this mutator in particular, what you will have to do is set out on the trail of the Grime Crawler, a large pig-dog monster that can be found either in the Butcher’s Quarter or in the Cotton’s Kiln, both locations located in the world of Losomn. For the uninitiated, these areas can appear on the Morrow Parish, Ironborough, and Brocwithe Quarter maps.

The arena where you will find the Grime Crawler is quite easy to recognize. All you have to do is look for a large crater where a purple object will be visible in a sewer tunnel. Once you find the arena, you need to look for an L-shaped corridor that is right next to this crater. Once you find the corridor and enter them, you will have to follow the path until you reach the purple object, next to which there is a ladder.


Collect the object (it’s the Shiny Hog Lure ring) and lower the ladder to enter a small network of tunnels and continue it until you find a wheel to interact with which will start the boss fight with the Grime Crawler. Luckily, this boss fight isn’t very complex to complete, the real difficulty lies in the arena itself which makes the boss fight more difficult than it actually is. The most important thing to do in this fight is to make perfect dodges so as not to be hit and to pay attention to the mobs that will populate the arena. Once this mini-boss is defeated, the Twisting Wounds mutator will be instantly available in your inventory to be equipped.

The Remnant 2 Twisting Wounds mutator allows you to increase the Ranged Damage of weapons when hitting enemies who are bleeding. Also, once the mutator is fully upgraded, it will cause all Critical and Weakspot hits to apply a bleed state to enemies; this allows this mutator to deal damage over time and works well with other effects.


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