Retronauts Episode 549: Video Pinball

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True story: pinball predates video games. Hell, pinball predates electricity. When commercial arcade games arrived in the 1970s, pinball machines were already a common sight in cities big and small; it didn’t take long for game designers to create digital flippers and silver balls to imitate the pinball experience.

No one podcast could possibly capture the entire history of that phenomenon, but host Stuart Gipp, Diamond Feit, and special guest Ralph Barbagallo give a rundown on pinball, video games, and pinball video games on the podcast this week, recounting their favorite crossovers and sharing their ideal qualities for a video pinball game. We also have plenty of positive things to say about Demon’s Tilt and the upcoming Xenotilt, two projects Ralph is very proud of with good cause.

Description: Clang! Blong!! Flenk!!! and other pinball noises. Stuart Gipp, Diamond Feit and Ralph Barbagallo (Demon’s Tilt, Xenotilt) bring their multi-balls to this fast-paced discussion of the fine sport of pinball on the television. Tilt!

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Artwork for this episode by Leann Hamilton and editing thanks go to Greg Leahy.


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