Rocket League Champions Highway Tournament

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Rocket League is celebrating the RLCS World Championships with a new challenge event.

In the recent update, we have been graced with some new challenges to celebrate the end of the RLCS season. These challenges are a great way to keep you busy for the next 14 days in hopes you can complete them all.

What is The New Rocket League Champions Road Event?

The Champions Road event is a great way to keep you busy in between the RLCS matches. RLCS is currently running from the 3rd of August until the 13th. Themed prizes are up for grabs to keep your garage fresh and as this is a limited-time event you will only have 14 days to secure these items. To get the items you have to complete a series of basic challenges from winning games to leveling up.

  • The RLCS Trophy topper can be earned by leveling up three times in the next two weeks.
  • Two new banners are available which are gained by getting 25 shots on target and having 15 centres.
  • A new livery is available by scoring 10 goals.
  • Two new sets of wheels can be won by winning a game with 3 or more goals and by getting 10 saves in online games.
  • The Golden Trophy is back that can be earned 5 times. To get this rewards you have to play 20 online games. In total, you need to play 10o online games to earn them all. This reward will get you 5 random Rare Reward items.

All of the challenges can be seen below


What are the RLCS Championship Store Items?

The new RLCS pack is here and only costs 1,500 credits which equates to around £12 or $15. This will give you a themed livery that you can use on every customisable car in the game. The livery will make you stand out on the field by a margin mile.

In the new bundle, you will receive:

  • RLSC Crystalline Decal
  • RLCS Crystalline Boost
  • RLCS Crystalline Wheels
  • Pandemonium Player Anthem


Rocket League Champions Road Event

Individually Sold Music Packs

  • Hope
  • Let Em Party
  • Pandemonium

Or you can by to Anthem’s bundle and get all three songs for the price of two.

Rocket League Champions Road Event

As the RLCS Championship is streamed on Twitch you can earn random Twitch Drop rewards from watching the livestreams. Don’t miss out as you could receive an item you’ve wanted in your garage for free.



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