The Lore At the back of There Is No Gentle, a Brutal Motion-Journey RPG

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Welcome to the dark and merciless realm of our action-adventure RPG There Is No Light, coming to Xbox on August 1, 2023. Get ready to embark on a treacherous journey through the grim Underground world. Brace yourself for intense battles, ruthless enemies, formidable bosses, and the freedom to explore the vast world of the game the way you want.

In today’s post, we’d like to bring you a concise and easily digestible summary of the game’s captivating lore. Hopefully, it will offer you a clearer understanding of the enigmatic Underworld and the path our valiant Hero treads.

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From the outset, the Church swiftly seized control over Central Station, establishing an iron grip on the heart of this desolate realm. Bolstered by the indomitable Sun Corps, the Church’s formidable army, they possessed unrivaled strength, thanks to their access to an infinite reserve of the mystical substance known as Wax. This extraordinary resource bestowed upon them unparalleled vigor and vitality, surpassing all others who inhabited the Station.

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To this day, Central Station stands as the most coveted place within the entire Underworld, beckoning countless souls who yearn for its relative comfort and refuge. Alas, such aspirations are often thwarted, for the Station remains closed to visitors for the majority of the year, with a single exception—the fateful day of Ascension.

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Once in a great while, within the majestic confines of the Great Hand’s temple, nestled in the heart of Central Station, an arcane ritual unfolds. This solemn ceremony demands the sacrifice of innocent newborns. The Father, the revered leader of the Church, personally selects the children who will be offered to their God, the Hand, invoking ancient powers beyond mortal comprehension. These very gates, which once ushered the Church’s faithful into this world, now accept the innocent infants, leading them to an unknown fate.

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Tragically, the child of our Hero, the central figure in this tale, falls victim to one of these chilling rituals. Driven by unwavering determination, our protagonist embarks on a daring quest to disrupt the sacred Ascension at any cost. Little does he know that his actions will set in motion a cataclysmic chain of events that will reshape this world forever.

As you dive deeper into the rich tapestry of our game’s lore and story, you will unravel the intricacies of the Underworld, understand the Hero’s noble purpose, and witness a captivating tale of heroism and defiance.

Pre-order There Is No Light starting today, and prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled journey, where every choice and action holds weight, and the fate of the Underworld hangs in the balance.

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After a large-scale catastrophe, the remnants of humanity took refuge underground, where they founded a new religious society. Forgetting sunlight, they blindly worship the god of the new world — the great Hand, which once every few years descends to the Central Station to people and takes the chosen newborns to itself, to the world hidden behind the huge gates of the Temple. The protagonist goes on a dangerous journey through a hostile world, hoping to find a way to open the gates of the Temple and return his child.


Ashes of the Old World
Visit human settlements and unearthly ruins to unveil the secrets of the past.

Fight for Your Life
Blast your way through the hordes of various enemies.

Filled with Rage
The Rage system forces you to play aggressively. You won’t hide from the battle.

Weapons of the Underworld
Create your own playstyle with different weapons and upgrades.

Non-linear Narrative
Explore the story the way you want.

Good Intentions
The world around you changes according to your actions.

Danger in the Shadows
Encounter dangerous and powerful bosses.


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