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Illari is the newest Support hero in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s latest announcement trailer for Season 6 revealed Illari as it’s next Support hero. With only a few days left until the major update go live, fans were greeted with a fast-paced teaser that gave us a better look at all of it’s Season 6 content. This next update plans on bringing new PvP maps, an entirely new game mode and the planned PvE story events that were teased as early as 2020.

But most notably, the two-minute showcase gave us our first official look at Illari, the latest hero coming to Overwatch 2. Following their promises of giving the Support roster more love, the developers at Activision-Blizzard are once again expanding on what makes a good support hero in the iconic team-based FPS, and it shows.

This time, the developers have envisioned yet another unique take on the healer role. Like we’ve seen from Lifeweaver, Supports in Overwatch 2 tend to do more than just be passive heal bots (nothing wrong if you are one, though). However, not only is Illari a capable medic, she’s also equipped with a strong kit that can be used for big playmaking moments. Here’s everything we know about Illari, Overwatch 2’s 38th hero.

The Lore

Not much is known about the solar-powered support yet, but we do know how she was hinted at.

Following the announcement stream for the Season 5 roadmap, eagle-eyed fans were able to connect the banner used to hint at hero 38 to something that already existed in the game. User u/ErgoNonSim noticed that the artwork was the same as the a Peru poster found in Ecopoint: Antarctica, correctly hinting at Illari’s nationality. Ergo posted their observations back in May, but fans have been on the lookout for more clues since then.

In the months that followed, players got their first look at the elusive hero’s silhouette at the tail end of the first story trailer for Overwatch 2: Invasion. Many were quick to note the similarities with another large gun-wielding healer from League of Legends, but their main distinctions remain to be seen. Watch the Rio de Janeiro story mission teaser here.

Illari Overewatch 2 credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Face the Sunrise

Though not a lot about Illari’s hero abilities were revealed in Overwatch 2’s Season 6 announcement reel, we got to see glimpses of the major parts of her skillset. The Peruvian paragon’s main fire seems to be hitscan, and can have tons of range as seen in the latest trailer. At the same time, Illari can deploy a literal heal bot that sticks to surfaces which can heal nearby allies while you dole out sun-kissed hurt. Additionally, she also has a jump ability which lets her escape Orisa’s Terra Surge. Lastly, her ultimate ability named “Captive Sun” lets Illari harness the power of the sun and fire a huge AOE blast that devastates enemies caught in the flashing radius.

Illari Overewatch 2 credit: Blizzard Entertainment

One can’t help but recall recent leaks on the hero’s main abilities. Recently, details on Illari’s hero skills and even full pictures of her unconfirmed skins in the shop were released ahead of time. Some of the descriptions in the data leaks so far match some of the abilities we saw in the trailer. So if some of them are to be believed, there’s a chance we might get to see another long-ranged anti-heal Support hero armed with a game-changing ultimate.

This article is continuously being updated, so check back when you can for the latest details on Illari, Overwatch 2’s latest Support hero.

Illari will join Overwatch 2’s “Invasion” event on August 10, 2023.


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