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Lies of P is the new soulslike developed by Round8 and published by Neowiz Games. Since its first announcement, this soulslike inspired by the famous fairy tale of Pinocchio has enchanted critics and players, thanks also to its similarities with Bloodborne, a hugely successful title from the Japanese software house FromSoftware. Since its release is not far away, in this article we have decided to enclose all the information we have about this title in one place.

Lies of P release date

One of the main things to know is definitely the Lies of P release date. The developers announced the title in 2021 and it will be available to everyone starting September 19, 2023. Soon, therefore, players will finally be able to take on the role of a humanoid who refers to Pinocchio and start their adventure in that which is the dark and unforgiving world of Lies of P.

Lies of P platforms

Lies of P will be available to all players on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. As a result, the only users who will not be able to play the game are Nintendo Switch owners. Unlike what one might have expected from such a game, Lies of P will therefore also be released for older generation consoles, giving the possibility to all those who have not yet made the generational change to be able to use the game.

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Lies of P demo

Last June, the developers decided to share the first part of the journey into the world of Lies of P with the players, thanks to the release of a demo which, on balance, turns out to be quite substantial and manages to give a good taste of what that will be the final game. In fact, both the specialized critics and the players have spent good words on what is shown in the demo, which has proved to be a winning move to create even more enthusiasm among the players.

Lies of P game pass

As announced not long ago by the development team itself, Lies of P will also make its debut on the Xbox Game Pass on day one. This means that all holders of an active subscription will have the opportunity to play the title at no additional cost. This is an excellent opportunity for all Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S owners who said they were very happy with this choice made by the developers.

Lies of P multiplayer

Unfortunately, players will have to take Pinocchio’s journey through the Lies of P game world alone, without the support of other players. In fact, the development team conceived Lies of P as a single-player adventure to be enjoyed alone and without the help of other players who could interfere with the story. Therefore, for this reason, there are no multiplayer modes in Lies of P.

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Lies of P story

Unlike the other exponents of the genre, Lies of P will have a more marked narrative part, as we have seen from the trailers and the demo. For the uninitiated, the game puts us in the shoes of the humanoid puppet Pinocchio, who awakens in a deserted train station in the chaotic, insane city of Krat. It’s a twisted rendition of Carlo Collodi’s classic tale The Adventures of Pinocchio, focusing on the struggle of the titular character as he navigates the mayhem in an effort to both become a man and locate Geppetto, the puppeteer who created him.

However, Pinocchio is entangled in a web of falsehoods, which is not good for the puppet’s future, and there are a ton of creatures and dubious characters standing in the way of your goal. You must complete the quest entirely by yourself in the single-player campaign, adding to the solitary setting Krat already creates. You will be forced to forge your own path and choose what is the best decision to make throughout the gloomy tale while navigating the catastrophe and meeting foes head-on during periods of difficult, sophisticated battle.

The game’s setting, the afflicted metropolis of Krat, is horrifying in design. The wreckage of a city that once flourished on the back of the puppet business is now covered in blood and falling into anarchy, echoing the enormous foes you’ll face. The Belle Époque aesthetic that the map was inspired by also produces a strikingly charming ambiance that has been said to conceal a horrifying terror behind its magnificent beauty.

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Lies of P gameplay

There is a lot of emphasis on battle throughout the game, as one might expect from a game tied to the genre of soulslikes. By combining weapons, using your legion arm, which you upgrade as the game progresses with new mechanics and features, and using the powers you acquire along the road, you may create a distinctive fighting style to fend off enemy attacks.

Weapons can be broken down into blades and handles, each with their own characteristics and motions, so you are free to combine elements to build something that supports your favorite battle style. Since durability reduces with each strike you deliver, you’ll need to keep an eye on it. Fortunately, Pinnochio has the power to repair any damage. These weapons can then be improved to become more dependable and help durability.

You will also need to become proficient in fable arts, which are unique combat abilities that can only be used once you have spent fable slots you have earned from fighting in conventional combat. In both normal combat encounters and epic boss battles, you can choose your own set of talents to fit your playstyle and defeat your opponents or put them in a state where you can finish them off with a lethal assault and do significant damage.


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