Will You Pay $50 For Pink Useless Redemption On Transfer?

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It’s not like Rockstar is hurting for funds, either, so to release a product in such a bad state — not to mention having the gall to call it ‘Definitive’ — quite rightly dented many a fan’s confidence in a firm that prides itself on taking its sweet time and delivering quality video games when they’re ready and not before. British studio Double Eleven, who helped bring Songbringer and Minecraft Dungeons to Switch, is working on this port (Grove Street Games handled the GTA Trilogy).

It’s telling, perhaps, that Rockstar didn’t include this announcement in the June Nintendo Direct presentation. It’s certainly big enough news to stand on its own two feet without Nintendo’s support — why share the stage with a bunch of other games? Then again, given the negative reception to the GTA Trilogy, perhaps the publisher was keen to keep the speculation to a minimum regarding the quality of this port. The game is launching just next week (the GTA Trilogy was officially announced over a month before launch), so at least we won’t have long to wait to find out. It seems unimaginable that Rockstar would launch Red Dead in such a state.

So, let’s for one moment give ol’ R* the benefit of the doubt and imagine that the Red Dead Redemption Switch port is not only entirely serviceable but honours the prestige of the original release and the intent of the developers with an accurate rendition that captures the game’s original magic and majesty. Let’s imagine it plays as well as the backward-compatible Xbox version (which you can still purchase digitally for $29.99, albeit without the Undead Nightmare content), just at a lower resolution. Would you pay $50 to play it on Switch?

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Red Dead Redemption Switch
Image: Rockstar
It’s tough to argue that this isn’t one of the most significant, beloved games of the last couple of decades, so of course the publisher is going to charge top dollar for it. However, all signs point to this being a straight port of the game with few bells and whistles beyond the bare minimum you’d expect. This is no remake or remaster or enhanced ‘Deluxe’ version — and you’re not even getting the upscaled 4K visuals that caused a commotion when the game came to Xbox Series X via backward compatibility. Multiplayer is also not included in this version.

From our perspective, the price is certainly not unexpected, but Rockstar has some goodwill to regain after the GTA Trilogy debacle. If it’s charging top whack for this out of the gate, it better be an immaculate port or there’ll surely be trouble in the ranks.

Financially speaking, there is zero incentive for the company to launch this before it’s good and ready — especially with the physical edition scheduled for an October release. You would hope that this date and this price speaks of confidence in the product. But you’d have been forgiven for thinking that last time, too, and look what happened.

So, then. $50 for Red Dead on Switch. Are you in or out?

Will you be paying $50 for Read Dead Redemption on Switch? (221 votes)
Yee-haw, you better believe it! shoots pistol in the air11%
If reviews are good, deal me in14%
Hmm, I’ll be awaitin’ a sale, pardner26%
Come back when it launches physical-like, and we’ll talk10%
Oof, absolutely not, José!15%
Nah, I’ve played it before10%
Nah, I’m not interested in Red Dead14%
Played Red Dead before? Will the Switch version be your first time in John Marston’s boots? Can Rockstar redeem itself with this port? Let us know your thoughts on this one below.

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