WoW Vintage Hardcore Liberating August twenty fourth

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WoW Classic Hardcore servers are officially coming after the community game mode blew up in 2023 to revive the ealing section of Classic WoW.

We have details on WoW Classic Hardcore, so lets dive into them. Rather than breaking it down into loads of details, we’ll focus on a TLDR format for this. You can read the OG Blizzard post here.

WoW Hardcore Release August 24th

News from Blizzard is that we’ll see Hardcore WoW on August 24th. With just one life to your name, you’ll need to bring your wits (or friends) along with you. After a successful testing period on the PTR, Classic Hardcore is ready to hit live servers.

WoW Classic Hardcore, what’s going on TLDR

  • Will come to the PTR on June 29th (today), and launch fully later in Summer 2023
  • You will have one life only. If you die, you’ll forever play as a ghost and never be able to resurrect.
  • PvP flagging must be toggled on. Interacting with a player who is PvP-flagged will not flag you.
  • Battlegrounds are disabled
  • Quests that used to flag you for PvP will no longer do so.
  • Escort NPC can no longer be attacked by other players
  • Key quest NPC have had Horde and Alliance affiliation dropped to prevent the other faction killing them
  • Creatures will now reset when they leave their area, rather than following players forever
  • Almost all dungeons will have a 24-hour timer (lockout) for players not level 60. The idea is to keep people in the outside world.
  • 16 debuff and 32 buff limit has been removed.
  • Paladins will no longer be able to “Bubble Hearth”.
  • Custom wargames are active but will offer no honor
  • A new /makgora duel mechanic will be added. Letting players duel to the death with another player.
  • Classic Hardcore isn’t the next WoW Classic Season mode; it’s a separate entity.
  • “String of Ears” is a buff that will display how many other players you have defeated in duels.
  • All Vanilla phase content is available from day one. Hardcore will not have phases with the content being evergreen and always good for new players to join.
  • Blizzard will act hard on players who abuse the game to cause malicious intentions to other players.
  • This is intended for kiting mobs etc, however, will also be used to prevent “report bombing”.
  • Classic Hardcore will be a new game mode with fresh servers.

WoW Classic Hardcore


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